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Drafting Committee

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1) Preamble
2) Glossary of terms
Drafting committee will turn each bands submission into a consolidated document that will become part of the Preamble/glossary. 
3) When should the Preamble be written? After the body, as an Executive Summary. It will be an ongoing process to update as we go along. We must define terms. Our future generations may not know what our understanding of certain terms is today. 
4) Article II, Membership
5) Drafting and Education Committees - Develop a visual: Tribe, A Government Structure.

Article II Draft
Article II Citizenship
Section I. The qualifications for citizenship for the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe shall consist of the following:
(a) Basic Citizenship Roll. All persons of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe Anishinaabe blood, whose names appear on the annuity roll of April 14, 1941, enacted by Congess in the Act of January 14, 1889 (25 Stat. 642) and Acts amendatory thereof, which roll shall be known as the basic citizenship roll of the Tribe.
(b) All direct lineal descendants of persons listed in Section I (a) provided, that each subsequent descendant shall have been an enrolled citizen of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.


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